Automotive electrical and electronics diagnose service

We are doing our best for automotive electrical and electronic diagnostic with our dealership graded scan tool through mobile service. 

With an affordable price 40NZD onwards, everyone can get mobile scanning service at whereever you are located and at a reasonable price to get your car scan professionally by us.

We provide printout of your scanned result for you to look for an trusted workshop to carry on your car repairs and at the same time, we can offer an advice for you how to deal with the issues that you are having. 

The list of service that we can do, 

  • HV/Electrical Battery SOH report. 
  • Health scan on any vehicle upto 2022.
  • AC system diagnose and calibration.
  • Erase engine light on and reset service interval for your car.
  • Steering angle sensor calibration.  
  • Language change for Nissan, Mitsubishi, BMW, Audi and Mercedes.
  • And more. 

List of manufacturer and model upto 2022 that it can support for health scan:

  1. BMW
  2. Audi/VW/Lamborghini/Bugatti/Porsche
  3. Mercedes Benz/Mclaren
  4. Mazda/Ford
  5. Nissan/GTR/Infiniti 
  6. Toyota/Lexus
  7. Honda/Acura
  8. GM
  9. Ferrari
  10. And more. 


Our scan tool, Launch X431 Pad VII & X-prog 3.


Diagnosing Audi A3 2005
Function list.Live Graph Diagnose