ATOTO 6 keys Watchband Wireless Steering Wheel Control

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6 keys / 9 functions to control the ATOTO Car Stereo,including voice command, volume control,skip next/skip forward(Hang up / Answer), Pause, Mute Make driving safer, as you can control the stereo even your car has no original steering wheel keys control during driving.

All keys have backlight materials, so it will be very helpful for user's night driving!

Key Function:

1.Rotate the edge knob to adjust the volume.

2.The mute button(press to mute&unmute)

3.Skip to PREV or Next/answer or hang off a call

4.Play/pause button(press to resume or pause the current playback)

5.Voice button(press to call up the voice control interface).

Package Included:

-1 Controller Button(button battery cell are not included)

1 Receiver Cable 1 User manual Warranty: One year with onsite & offsite support, Hardware and software warranty. No physical damage warranty.